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Read What People Have Told Us About Their Bowflex® Home Gym!

The statements below are from actual Bowflex® customers. Once you have had a chance to try a Bowflex® home gym for yourself, we invite you to share your Bowflex® experience with us, as well. For now, enjoy reading these real success stories from real people.

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I've been working out for over 25 years, and this is by far the best workout machine I have ever used. I've owned a Bowflex for over 5 years now, and still use it every single day - NO MORE FREE WEIGHTS!!!! Great product and great customer service too.
Bob M.
After spending way too much money on diet pills, fad diets and other weight loss gimicks; I have to say my Bowflex machine has shown me the best results. I had two children in two years and was at a size 12. I bought my Bowflex in October and its Christmas and I am wearing a size 6. I never thought I would write a testimonial but it works. I have never felt in better shape.
Caroll H.
As a college professor, most of my day is spent in the classroom teaching or in the office researching and writing. My wife and I decided to purchase a Bowflex XTreme 2 SE and the machine has completely changed our lives. I have lost 108 lbs and 12 inches in my waist; my wife has lost 36 lbs and 5 waist sizes. Thank you!
Travis K.
I am 29 and have played sports and worked out my entire life. I power lifted for years which has caused me to have joint problems. The Bowflex has constant, even resistance that doesn't aggravate my elbows or shoulders. Resistance is smooth and natural...fantastic product for home use. I weigh 235 lbs and have 9 percent body fat and this machine meets my rigorous needs. Get one, save time, and spend more time out of the gym and with family!
Matt W.
Bowflex Ultimate® 2 Home Gym
I worked out at World Gym and Bally Fitness religiously for the last 10 years. I'm 35 now, and decided I can no longer spend 10-12 hours a week at the gym away from my family. So I bought an Ultimate 2 to go along with my dumbbell bench and TreadClimber at home. 4 words: I Love My Bowflex! It's easier on the joints than free weights, and it gives me much more of a core workout than weights ever could. The biggest reward is I get to go straight home from work every day without having to sacrifice my exercise and good health.
Joe P.
Bowflex Ultimate® 2 Home Gym
After undergoing two back surgeries in less than 7 months I decided to get serious about working out on my Bowflex Ultimate 2. Now after only eight months my upper and lower back are much stronger, and I am in much less pain. In fact, I'm in the absolute best shape of my life at 36 years old. Thank you Bowflex.
Keith H.
Bowflex Ultimate® 2 Home Gym
I'm 47 years old. I've had my Bowflex Ultimate 2 for approx. 18 months and the results have been nothing less than amazing. I've lost 35 pounds, dropped four inches off my waist and my metabolic rate is at an all-time high. My muscle tone is the best I’ve ever had and I always feel energized. Thank you, Bowflex!
Scott C.
My beautiful bride bought me my bowflex years ago (Power Pro). Since then we have been over the top impressed with the customer service in regards to recalls, parts, etc. Never have we received such service in anything else we have ever purchased. Needless to say I would recommend any product in this line of products to anyone I ever meet. Thank you!
Ace C.
I have had the Revolution for about 5 months. It has been amazing for me. I have developed muscle tone and I now have a six pack. I lost 6% body fat and gained 5 pounds of lean hard muscle.
Kim J.
I like the Revolution. I have been using it for about 6 months. I really like the leg press and the preacher curl. My arms have gotten about 1 1/2 inches bigger and my chest is about 3 inches bigger. My body looks better and stronger. I bought the Revolution to build muscle. Also my twin likes to work out on it to.
jeffrey m.
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