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Read What People Have Told Us About Their Bowflex® Home Gym!

The statements below are from actual Bowflex® customers. Once you have had a chance to try a Bowflex® home gym for yourself, we invite you to share your Bowflex® experience with us, as well. For now, enjoy reading these real success stories from real people.

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This is by far one of the highest quality home gyms I have ever seen, tried, or experienced. The weight is as consistent as machines you find in a gym costing thousands. The limited space that the Revolution takes up is simply amazing when you realize just how much it can actually do! Changing from one exercise to the next takes literally seconds, it's not just an advertising promise. The most impressive thing about the Bowflex Revolution is the QUALITY. It's smooth, its strong, and it's convenient! Great product!
Jim A.
The change from exercise to exercise on the Revolution home gym is very quick. Really easy. It's not about bending over, lifting a heavy plate, putting it into place. It's just slap, click and you're on to your next exercise, which is exactly what I read about how you should be working out. On the Bowflex Challenge, I lost almost 4% body fat and over 20 pounds overall.
Shelby W.
I never thought I would lose this much weight or this many inches in such short a time. Absolutely amazing. I lost 18.8 pounds in six weeks, which is amazing. I'm back down to my college weight. It took me 16 years to put the weight on; it took me six weeks to get the weight off. I was able to do it in six weeks on the Bowflex Revolution program. Absolutely astounding! And the amazing thing about it following the plan is not rocket science. Anyone can do it. I'm the average guy. I'm as average as you get. If I can do it, anyone can do it.
Dean W.
I haven't found anything else that can give me the kinda results that I've gotten participating and working out with the Bowflex Revolution and following the eating program. Plain and simple.
Paul M.
As a part of the Bowflex Challenge, I found I really didn't need to spend an hour a day to get the results that I achieved. You really only need to set aside 20 minutes a day. 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week got me my results, over 20 pounds and 28 inches in six weeks.
Tom P.
I used to weigh 439 lbs. I was always feeling very self-concious and never wanted to leave my home. I used Bowflex and it has completely changed my life. I now weigh 186 lbs and cannot be happier. I recommend everyone tries this out, you will not be sorry!
samantha m.
I have a Bowflex Ultimate and it is the best thing I ever bought. It is so fun to use that when I dont use it I get upset. When I put the machine together I had no idea of how heavy the machine was. It is made just as good as gym equipment or even better. Once you get use to the new resistance you will love it. I recently went back to a gym for a day to to see how they compare and I am just as strong now than I was when I used free weights. I will probably get even stronger.
Bryan A.
The Bowflex has been great! My husband and I have been using it for just over a month and results are already showing! Also you guys have friendly competent customer service which is wonderful.
Kelsi P.
I have been a long time user of free weights and I can honestly say I don’t know if I will ever go back to the gym. I love my Xtreme has cut my workout time in half. The three weeks I have used my Xtreme 2 I have lost 4 inches off my waist (38 to 34). If you are thinking about buying don’t hesitate....I recommend it highly.
Derrick J.
As a 53 year old fire fighter paramedic specialist I have tried to stay in shape with running free weights and martial arts...and I have done alright. But I wanted more results. I studied most of the workout products and settled on the Bowflex XTLU. What a great decision!! I have lost weight and not changed my diet. I have gained chest and arm inches and lost inches around my belt line. I have tried the gym scene and hated it. I now have a machine for me and my family that we can use when we want. Dont wait...get started will be glad you did!!! Thanks Bowflex for a superior product and no BS!
J W.
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